Schedule of Shiurim

Sunday: Mishnayos shiur and breakfast following 8:00AM shacharis with Rabbi Bleicher


Monday: Gemara Shiur with Rabbi Goldstone at 7:45pm.


Tuesday: Rabbi Bleicher's shiur on tefilah at 7:45pm.


  • Friday Night: Dvar Torah between Kabalas Shabbos and Ma'ariv with Rabbi Bleicher.
  • 45 Minutes before Shabbos Mincha: Topical Shiur with Rabbi Bleicher.
  • During Shalosh Seudos: Mishnayos Peah and Contemporary Halachic Question from Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein with Rabbi Bleicher.


To listen to some of Rabbi Bleicher's recorded shiurim, visit his page on

Sunday, May 28 2017 3 Sivan 5777