Schedule of Shiurim

Sunday: Mishnayos shiur and breakfast following 8:00AM shacharis with Rabbi Bleicher


Monday: Gemara Shiur with Rabbi Goldstone at 7:45pm.


Tuesday: Rabbi Bleicher's shiur on tefilah at 7:45pm.


  • Friday Night: Dvar Torah between Kabalas Shabbos and Ma'ariv with Rabbi Bleicher.
  • 45 Minutes before Shabbos Mincha: Topical Shiur with Rabbi Bleicher.
  • During Shalosh Seudos: Mishnayos Peah and Contemporary Halachic Question from Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein with Rabbi Bleicher.


To listen to some of Rabbi Bleicher's recorded shiurim, visit his page on

Mon, 24 April 2017 28 Nisan 5777